I joined Big Brother Watch as Director in January 2017. Previously, I was Senior Advocacy Officer at Liberty, where I led a programme on Technology and Human Rights. Prior to this, I worked for Edward Snowden’s official defence fund, the Courage Foundation.

I am the co-author of Information Security for Journalists, a handbook for the Centre for Investigative Journalism, first published July 2014. This book is free to download and periodically revised. You can find the latest edition here.

I studied Politics and Psychology at the University of Cambridge, conducting the first experimental research into the reversal of system justification, using WikiLeaks as a stimulus.

I love big dogs and black cats and volunteer at a London rehoming centre.

Public key (updated Oct 2017)

silkiecarlo@gmail.com > public key: https://pastebin.com/cfwHqmCE 

PGP key ID: 0xF6579BBF

PGP fingerprint: 0719 D863 EF12 83DA B3C7 51AF 06A9 C76F F657 9BBF


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