Just published: ‘Information Security for Journalists’

I have recently written Information Security for Journalists which is available freely here: http://tcij.org/resources/handbooks/infosec This handbook, commissioned and now published by the Centre for Investigative Journalism, is designed to educate serious investigative journalists in the largely invisible risks to the security of their information and communications. It offers comprehensive step-by-step instructions in measures one can take to defend against these threats, for different levels of risk. It is irresponsible if not impossible to conduct serious investigative journalism without an awareness of information security. I hope that you find this handbook useful, or can share it with those who might. A second edition will follow soon as we work on new ‘infosec’ strategies and respond to public feedback. The handbook is also being translated into Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Portugese, Spanish, and other languages. I am aware of various high risk groups of sources courageously speaking out now or considering speaking out – particularly in areas where official channels consistently fail. Journalists (and indeed a select few politicians) working on these cases absolutely must protect their sources, their stories, and themselves. Getting in touch It is my pleasure to offer confidential, voluntary support to the great journalists and sources who need it most. You are most welcome to get in touch with me at silkiecarlo@gmail.com – I will do my best to help. I use email encryption and you can find my key here (updated Oct 2014) or on the public keyserver. Should anyone who is not currently using encryption wish to get in touch anonymously, you can download the anonymising Tor browser, and use that browser to start up an anonymous email account (with a provider who does not require a phone number or similar for verification – try Yandex or GMX).


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